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Have you ever seen a cross shaped pen before? Probably not. Catholics everywhere are going crazy for PassionPens!

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100% of proceeds Save Baby Lives!

PassionPen is the first patented customizable cross shaped pen in the world and are one of the best ways to connect with Jesus when writing. Stay inspired while bible journaling, taking notes or doodling. Your friends will be amazed when they see you writing with a PassionPen!

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We Are On A Mission

From God

With A Vision

From Jesus

PassionPens Designed to Resemble the Cross!

The Cross Stabilizes your Writing Posture!!

Write with Passionpens and Improve Penmanship!!!

Gold Isn't Your Color?

passionpens are available in five Stock colors

Keep Scrolling!

A Smooth & Familiar Ball Point Tip.


Passionpen is designed to fit in hand unlike any other pen and stabilize your writing posture, allowing for a smooth, connected and passionate writing experience with Jesus.


Have you ever seen a cross shaped ball point pen before? That is what makes Passion Pen the perfect gift for anyone at any time! Join our newsletter to stay up on the latest release.

MISSION​ is part of our Story's mission from God. We aim higher than most to bring desperately needed Hope this world. — Read Our Story And Discover Our Mission.