East Vs West Christianity – What Difference Do They Make?

Eastern vs. Central: Which Bible Study Course is Best? When it comes to learning scripture, it's easy to get caught up in the heated debate between the Holy Bible and the King James Bible. There are many bibles, which means there are many interpretations for every word in the Bible. Some people prefer the more conservative interpretations of the Bible, while others prefer a moderate stance that permits all interpretations. How can you know what's best for you?

eastern vs central

There is no one answer that suits everyone. Every person’s preferences may differ depending on their age, gender, cultural background, education, etc. But there are a few paths you can take as a parent to help you decide which Bible study course is best for your family. Most dads and moms these days prefer to participate in an adult education program that focuses on the Bible. Traditional Sunday school is still alive and well but only offers so much. Parents who want to have their children study and grow in the faith will seek out an education program that includes biblical study.

For busy working parents, YouTube is a godsend for quick tutorials on bible stories, scripture and general church goers. But if you have a young child, YouTube can be a little too much. So most dads and moms will look to the internet for helpful lesson plans and instruction on bible study. This is perfectly fine, especially for busy working parents, but where can you find an education that allows you and your child to grow in faith?

The most important factor is the teacher. How does she/he relate to you and your family? I can’t tell you how valuable it would be for you and your family if the teacher didn’t really connect with you or didn’t encourage your child’s spiritual growth. So, I recommend that you look for someone with a master’s degree in religious studies who has experience teaching bible study curriculum.

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When I was a child, our church didn’t encourage our children to learn about the bible. My mother had a very limited view of scripture and didn’t seem to think much of studying it beyond a casual level. So my brothers and I simply learned according to what was asked of us. We were told that god wanted us to learn, but that he didn’t have all the answers. My father learned to read the Bible from beginning to end and taught our family the importance of learning its parts (both Word and Bible) and reading God’s Word daily. God wants his people to come to a knowledge of him and to become holy in spirit and mind.

As a result of my father’s teachings, I learned to be a person of faith without compromising my values, and I grew into maturity fully believing that the Bible is the written Word of God and inspired by God. My mother encouraged me to seek out learning outside of her home. She knew that I had much to learn from teachers and experienced firsthand how much God impacted lives when I was not at home. She was also quick to point out what I was missing by being at home playing video games, watching television, or being with friends. She encouraged me to seek opportunities that would help me develop my mind and further my education while making myself available to her in more ways than one. Her example has stayed with me and I try to live up to her example each and every day.

The differences between an Eastern Christian and a Western Christian are primarily a matter of attitudes. While there are differences regarding beliefs, there are some core principles that are held in common among both. The Bible holds God’s truths and is based on his Word. Christians are taught to read the Bible with an open mind looking for understanding rather than a rigid view of the Bible.

While it’s possible to be an Eastern Christian and a Western Christian, understanding the differences between the two requires a willingness to explore. It’s not enough to simply believe the Bible and get along with your life. When you have a deep understanding of the teachings found there, you’ll discover a richness in life that is indescribable. As you begin your journey to understand the Bible, you’ll also discover how your life can become enriched by applying these insights to your life. Through a closer look at the teachings found in the Bible, you’ll find your spiritual growth enhances and you’ll learn to grow in wisdom and maturity as you move through life.

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