Easter And Ishtar Baskets

Easter and Ishtar are closely associated with Mother's Day. The Islamic tradition of the fertility of the mother as well as the Christian celebration of Mother's Day is rooted in the ancient celebration of the spring equinox. During this time, the earth was thought to be filled with an abundance of seeds waiting for planting, and the early Christians celebrated the start of the planting season by gifting wheat and seed to the women. When the sun set on the new year, the festivals of Ishtar began, commemorating the victory of good over evil and fertility.

easter and ishtar

There are many traditions that surround the two days. For the Christians, the two days usually represent the beginning of the Lent period and the end of Ramadan. The two gifts are often linked closely, especially during the Lenten season when Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. While the gift of Ishtar and Easter might seem like the easy option, many women do not like receiving a woolen hat on Mother’s Day.

Many online retailers offer unique Mother’s Day gifts, something special for the women in your life no matter what their religion. Some of these gifts might be more appropriate than a traditional Mother’s Day gift. For example, an Easter gift might be a book of motherhood stories or an inspirational CD. If an employer gives out an Easter gift for working moms, it might be worth looking at the company’s policy on wearing the traditional Mother’s Day jewelry.

A unique gift basket filled with items like eggs, chocolate, fruit, and pears is a great Easter gift for women. You could also choose to send Easter gift baskets to women you know who have children at home. For example, a woman at work might like a basket full of clothing for Easter, potted plants, or a hamper of toys. A teacher’s aide might like a gift basket filled with Easter food or games.

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Many women choose to shop online when looking for unique Mother’s Day gifts. This can cut down on the amount of driving around for hours shopping at different stores. The Internet has become a convenient way to shop for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. You can also check the specialty gift sections for a variety of Easter gift baskets that are specially made for women.

The traditional Mother’s Day gifts like flowers, chocolate, and jewelry are still very popular but there are some gifts that you can use to surprise your mother on her special day. An Easter egg hunt is a fun activity that she will not expect. It will fill up your home with memories as you search for the eggs that represent the life of your mother. She will enjoy baking the chocolate eggs and will be able to tell all her friends how much you love and care for her. Gifts like this make Easter a memorable day for everyone involved.

Some people believe that it is inappropriate to give a gift like a basket of flowers on Mother’s Day. But flowers are the most popular gift that is sent on Mother’s Day, so if you know your mother likes them you can certainly include them in your Easter and Ishtar baskets. An Easter lily flower bouquet can be filled with fresh cut blooms and can be delivered to your mother in the form of an Easter lily flower gift basket or Mother’s Day flower delivery. Even your father might appreciate an Easter lily gift basket filled with lovely blooms for his Mother on Easter.

One of the most popular Easter traditions is the Easter parade. The spectators go out on a three-mile road march to observe the processions of children dressed as the famous characters from the bible. Every year an organization called Easter parade is formed to maintain the tradition. In addition to the traditional Easter egg hunt, the parade also includes masked dancers, trick or treating and lots of exciting fun. If you are looking for a unique gift for your mother on Easter, and Easter and Ishtar gift basket filled with different goodies might be just right.

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