PassionPen is a writing instrument patented by Passion Marketing LLC.  Subtly designed to resemble the Christian cross or the Catholic crucifix in a way where the arms of the cross are what stabilize your writing posture.  Leading the path to better penmanship✍, relationships💕 and positive practices!🙏

PassionPen is stunningly beautiful, lustrous, and available in 5 different colors!🌈

Passion Marketing LLC creates products from ideas which are low-tech, pure to the market, providing great utility with meaningful value! 

Makes an incredible gift! 🎁

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PassionPen is a writing instrument patented by Passion Marketing LLC. Subtly designed to resemble the Christian cross or the Catholic crucifix in a way where the arms of the cross are what stabilize your writing posture. Leading the path to better penmanship, relationships and positive practices! PassionPen is stunningly beautiful, lustrous, and available in 5 different colors! Passion Marketing LLC creates products from ideas which are low-tech, pure to the market, providing great utility with meaningful value! Makes an incredible gift!

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Gold, Silver, Wood, Black Marble, White Marble


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