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Passion Pen



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This wonderful Pen has 2000 plus years of marketing behind it. Highly recommend you buy one for yourself and several more for your loved ones. Spread your passion with PassionPens.

Please contact us for bulk orders. 

"Bought one for me and one for my Husband. He uses his to sign the big checks!" - Lisa Monroe, Anchorage, AK

"I’ve collected them all!" - Father Ron Wiessenborn, Albuquerqe, NM

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Have a question?

Here are some answers to our most common questions

What are your pens made out of?

ABS plastic dipped in a UV colored urethane plastic coating which makes for a fine polished gloss finish. 

What comes with my purchase?

Packaging comes with a chosen single colored pen as well as a branded PassionPen micro cloth for cleaning the surface of your pen. Also, a bible verse for your personal enjoyment. 

What kind of point tip is it?

A replaceable 1.1mm rollerball gel tip BIC type cartridge insert. 

How do I replace the ink?

You can order replacement ink cartridges in the same or different colors. 

What color ink is in your pens?

Black only for now, but soon we will be offering other colors that include: black, blue, brown, red, green, purple, & orange. 

What are your product specifications?

PassionPen without packaging:

• Weight: 19.2 Grams

• Dimensions: 0.54" thick x 6.1" tall 2.56" wide (arms)

PassionPen with full packaging:

• Weight: 28.1 grams

• Dimensions: 0.5" thick x 6.75" tall x 2.85" wide