A Fatal Plane Crash, Visit To The White Room And Back, Made Me A Believer.

Chief Pilot for Passion Marketing, LLC.

My name is Jack Lowrey. My son and I are the creators and patent holders for PassionPen and we own BabyLivesMatter.com. I was born in Laredo Texas. I am Native American, Scottish and Latino. I was raised a Catholic. I served in the Air Force and have flown most every type of aircraft logging in over 12,000 hours. 

On May 29th, 2009, I was hired to fly a backcountry bush plane from Ogden airport to Anchorage Alaska. The unscrupulous owner had been using auto gas and at 1000 feet after takeoff the engine vapor locked and quit. While turning back into the airport and unable to restart, I came up short the runway and glided the plane best I could but it violently crashed into a ditch just before the runway.

My Journey to the Afterlife and Back.

I instantly found myself in what felt like traveling through a lightning bolt and then BAM… I was in the “White Room”. As the realization of being DEAD set in, I found myself in a state of multiple emotions and panic.  I was shocked, confused, afraid, fearful, bewildered, astonished, angry, amazed, freaked out, and last overjoyed.

Then I heard the voice, was this Jesus?

I heard a voice unlike any other voice I’ve ever heard neither being male or female but very powerful.  This voice reassuringly commanded me to “RELAX”.  As I relaxed, an indescribable feeling of pure love and joy overwhelmed my being as I surrendered to my personal moment of death.  I calmed to my surroundings I noticed how brilliantly white the room seemed to be. 

I noticed it wasn’t a room at all and it wasn’t just pure white. It seemed to actually be a pure brilliant sparkling all surrounding living light. I received the powerful awareness and understanding that I too was a part of this living light. Then the all encompassing living light started to swirl and a human form began to appear before me. And out of light ever so slowly appeared Jesus !!!

He knew my thoughts before I could speak them.

My primary fear and concern was death and leaving my loved ones.  However after my moment of enlightenment, Jesus assured me that everything will be fine and I will soon be with my loved ones.  My concern was, “Is this life or is this afterlife?” Jesus said, “Both.” I thought: “What does this mean?” He said, “It means you have to go back.”  Me: “No, I want to stay here with you.” Me: “What do you mean I have to go back? ” Jesus: “Your mission is not complete.”  Me: “What mission?” He: “Blessed Hope?”  Me: “Hope for who?”  He: “For everyone here and soon to be here.”  Me: “Everyone?” He: “Yes.” Then and there I knew I was going back and I became extremely agitated and concerned.  Me: “Was the plane on fire?”  Jesus: “There will be no fire.”  Me: “Was my neck or spine broken, would I be a para / quadriplegic?”

“No, you will make a 100% recovery, 
but it will be very long and painful.” 

“Do not worry you will be back with me again, go now your loved ones await you.”  And then his light started to swirl and He ascended back into the all-encompassing living light. While I then descended back through the white lightning bolt into my broken and shattered body…WOW! Oh so many questions, yet no time now back here in the moment!

During this time of physical healing, an emotional and spiritual healing also took place within myself.  

Why had I been sent back? What did, “…finish what you started…” mean? What “mission” was Jesus referring to?  What did he mean by, “Hope… for everyone.”? And what did “…it will be a long and painful recovery” mean. I was about to find out !!

The intense surgery performed on both arms severely damaged the associated nerves. Unfortunately during this time frame I developed and was diagnosed with a severe Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) which is an extremely debilitating nerve disorder in both arms and hands.  I received surgery in one hand to help stop the pain. It did not stop. I regressed and had to stop all rehabilitation therapy. RSD is a chronic condition characterized by severe burning nerve pain sensations.  RSD or CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) is incredibly painful and rated the highest level of experienced pain on the McGill Pain Scale as well as all other pain scales.  People actually die from the severity of their pain! It is most often appearing in one or both of the extremities, arms, legs, hands or feet. It is not uncommon to resort to amputation as a treatment for relief, if that gives any idea how painful it truly is !!

Even though I knew in my heart as Jesus had told me I’d make a complete recovery, I prayed multiple times daily to God for a MIRACLE and the strength to endure this awful awful severe pain. I did receive such a miracle which I share in the long story version at PassionPen.com.

My “long and painful recovery” was brutally agonizing not only for me, but my family as well.  About ten months after the crash my 11 year old son came up to me and gave me a great big hug and said, “Dad I prayed every day for you and you are still here!”  That was a great moment. [continues on top right column]

My Hospital Records first Entry in the Emergency Room Says, “Severe Head Trauma Not Expected to Live.”

I spent the next month in ICU in an induced coma on a breathing ventilator for three weeks.  In two months I underwent three major surgeries for both my arms, pelvis (hips), skull, face and hand.  Weighing in at 175 lbs when the crash happened, the severe trauma of the crash made my body swell to 265 lbs of fluid and I became one completely blackened mass bruise from impact trauma.

My pelvic girdle (hips) had broken completely away from my lower spine sacrum into four sections and each of these were shattered in a total of 36 fractures.  My hips are pieced back together with two titanium pencil sized bolts in the back and a metal band with multiple screws in the front along with two titanium plates with screws holding each of my arms together. For two months I was not allowed to move and laid limp on a specially designed big squishy balloon bed. To say all this was a horrible experience is an understatement.  I will say that I was blessed with extremely skilled, competent and experienced surgeons, nurses, and staff members at an exceptional hospital. To say I was lucky is also an understatement. It was truly a miracle that I survived.

Now Came the Hard Part, Recovery and The Time of Pain. 

You have not been vertical for 2 months, not able or allowed to move your body.  You have a Venacava filter in your artery just below your heart to catch blood clots, you have been feed through a tube, have a catheter inserted in your penis, are fighting massive infection with a collapsed lung, and you may lose your left eye sight and are wearing an eye patch.  All while on massive amounts of pain medication both externally, internally and IV.

Not to mention the spinal block they have had in your back for the first two weeks after surgery which they then took out for several days but you screamed bloody murder for 48 hours and had a relative (RN Mom) sign a waiver for you to put the spinal tap back in for another week. Very serious matter to leave a spinal block in place that long on either occasion for the very high chance of spinal cord infection. 

And then After All this Time of PAIN, the Agony Begins, REHAB!

After the above two months, my last two weeks in the hospital was a busy three times a day of rehab to try and get me to sit up which is really hard to do when you are not allowed to have any weight bearing on your arms, legs, or hips.  Three times a day I was first placed on what looks like a small 8’ rocket sliced top down to the halfway point and cut out flat so as to make a sort of narrow seat to seat on. They move you sideways from the bed to the half rocket chair thing which is placed next to your bed and strap you in.

You are now laying on your back with legs bent in a sitting position still laying on your back. Then they crank the rocket chair up a degree at a time from horizontal to vertical until you experience pain and scream to stop. They then hold you there for as long as you can stand it and you scream and beg to please put you flat horizontal again.

It took five days for me to finally be able to stand the pain of simply being vertical sitting up in this contraption. I weighed 111 lbs when I started rehab and after the rocket chair I was placed in a Hoyer-Hoist sling to be carried to the hospital’s Rehab center and then placed on a rubber mat on my back and told to try and simple roll over on my stomach. Two days later I did and was then told to try and army crawl using my elbows only. Two days later I did. Another two days and finally I was able to sit up unassisted sideways on a bed. They then took small children crutches and attached elbow rests and velcroed my arms to them so I could move from the bed unassisted to a potty wheel chair. Talk about painful!

Just before leaving the hospital my 14 year old daughter, Shanin Blake had wrote her first song and played it for me at the foot of my bed.  It was a really great and special song capturing her view and perspective of my crash both for her and members of our community. It’s a really great amazing song and needless to say it brought big tears to my eyes.

Then he said, “Dad when can we finish our Jesus Pen project?”

Before the crash we had started this project together?” In a flash I knew what, “…finish what you started…” and what my “…mission…” was all about! Several years prior, my son had come to me and stated that he wanted to be a businessman when he grew up.  I asked why a businessman? He said, “To bring back Hope to the world?” Not the answer I was expecting! Then and there we decided our goal was to create a simple low cost, low tech idea, that no matter what one’s circumstances this idea would make a person feel good, be useful, and be representative of an individual’s Hope for himself and others.

One night on our back porch as we sat discussing and sketching ideas out for our new business product I accidentally dropped my favorite sketch pen which fell through the floorboards.  The light from the next door church steeple lit up the pen and I quickly grabbed it and scurried out from under the porch. Smiling, I turned and held the pen up to the steeple light which happens to have a cross at the top. With the pen now superimposed over the lighted cross, we both looked at each other in amazement and well you guessed it, the PassionPen was born.

We both sketched our ideas of how the Pen should look and the next day on Sunday we started making one in Grandpa’s workshop. Over the next number of years we have worked slowly and methodically chipping away on our idea and business plan.  We first called it the Jesus Pen, then the Cross Pen, and then finally the Passion Pen! We both have learned a lot. What have I learned from all of this?  I have learned the difference between the Absolute Truth, Objective Truth, and Subjective Truth.  More importantly I now spiritually have a clear understanding of each of these truths and how they apply to myself, my family, and those around me.

Thanks for letting me share my story with you.

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