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Dare To Care

PassionPen donates 20% of its proceeds directly to Pro Life charities and other Pro Life organizations. Help support the Baby Lives Matter Pro Life movement, it's just getting started! Simply purchase a PassionPen to help save the babies of tomorrow. Dare to care.

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  • So Lovely

    "The PassionPen has become an essential part of my daily routine. Its cross-shaped design serves as a constant reminder of Christ's love and sacrifice." - Sarah W.

  • Elegant

    "Received the PassionPen as a gift from a dear friend, and it's become my favorite writing instrument. It's more than just a pen; it's a tangible expression of my Christian identity." - David R.

  • Very Powerful

    "As a pastor, I've recommended the PassionPen to my congregation. It's not just a writing tool; it's a powerful symbol that deepens our connection to our faith." - Pastor Mark L.